Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I'm feeling quite bad at the moment.  This poor little blog is getting about as much attention from me as a Sky Sports channel.  To be honest, I've got post ideas coming out of my ears but I've also had other little projects that I've been focusing on right now that have taken over a little. 

To be honest, sometimes when I sit to type it can kinda feel like, oh so what, who actually cares about this thing.  A lot of marketing and pr activities can feel like a slog at some points, especially when the results don't seem clear straight away.  Of course it's everybodies dream that as soon as they set up a new business they're passionate about everyone around them will buy into it and a new client or media lead will appear with every blog post or PR article wishfully emailed to the press. 

I had my boost when I went to a party on Saturday night and a couple of the women there had been talking about this blog before I arrived, are they likely to want coaching, maybe.  Are they likely to talk to people who want coaching, possibly.  Is it definite, no.  But people are talking, and that is invaluable for a start up business so if you have just set up and are finding it difficult to keep going with the basic of marketing activities please keep going, you will see the fruits of your labour, I promise. 

So thank you ladies for showing me that this time is not a waste, that it does bring something to people's lives, even if it is to laugh at my reluctance to learn french!!! 

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