Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My own issues

O.K.  So last night hubby and I were talking about our holidays, we decided on a date and I thought we'd decided to go to Conwy in Wales.  Then he throws France into the mix (he's got a habit of doing that, just as I think a decision has been made he throws it all up in the air).  We're planning on driving to wherever we go and hiring a cottage, I was quite happy with Wales and didn't really want to start looking at France.

I've got two issues with going there on holiday;

1/ I went on a driving holiday to France must have been seven years ago now and totalled my car on their motorway.  Don't know how but lost control and used the central barrier as a substitute break.  As a result missed the ferry back and had a mammoth fall out with best friend.

2/ At school we had a french teacher called Mrs Gregory, she was an evil tyrant, was tough on people who got things wrong and I quite often ended up in the corner with the dunce hat on.... No joke, the woman still used a dunce hat!!  As a result I can not speak even the most basic of french and have a real mental block about even trying.  Because of this the aforementioned holiday was a bit of a nightmare because my friend had to do all the talking while I sat mute, which as anybody who knows me will confirm, doesn't sit comfortably. 

So, now here is the love of my life wanting to go on holiday to the same region I went to back in my days as a single woman.  And there I am practically whimpering like a baby because I can't even bring myself to mutter a word of french..... Oh dear! 

Guess what, we're going to France in June.......  Time I started to practice what I preach me thinks.  Anybody know any french teachers with the patience of a saint?


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